Send to Signal

Messaging with users of the Signal service

Messages can be sent to Signal users using the Melrose Labs Signal API.

The following tutorials show how you can use SMPP and REST to send messages:

The Melrose Labs SMPP Sender and SMPP Client can also be used to send messages from your web browser:

To use the above from your web browser, enter the system ID and password emailed to you when you requested at your Melrose Labs Signal API account (free or business).

The current Signal API enables you to send messages to Signal users. The following capabilities are currently not available in the Signal API:

  • Setting the sender of messages
  • Delivery receipts
  • Typing and other notifications
  • Messages from Signal users to the API
  • Attachments
  • Group messaging

Most of the above are available with dedicated Melrose Labs Signal APIs created for individual organisations.

Note: The Signal API does not provide end-to-end message confidentiality.