RCS Chatbot Gateway

Gateway between chatbots and MaaP-capable RCS chatbot platforms

The RCS Chatbot Gateway is a comprehensive interoperability framework, connecting RCS Chatbot Platforms with third-party chatbot vendors. This solution simplifies the integration process, facilitating seamless interactions across various messaging ecosystems and negating the need for platform-specific modifications. It promotes a standardised deployment methodology for chatbot services.

Developers utilising the RCS Chatbot Gateway gain access to RCS capabilities such as high-resolution media sharing, read receipts, typing indicators, and secure data transmission through a uniform API. This functionality ensures a consistent and engaging user experience across different platforms, underpinned by stringent data integrity and privacy standards, courtesy of end-to-end encryption and secure authentication methods.

The RCS Chatbot Gateway minimises development overhead, expedites market readiness, and fosters innovation in chatbot services. It is a crucial asset for developers aiming to augment their chatbot applications with advanced communication functionalities while circumventing the intricacies of multi-platform integration. Embrace the future of chatbot interoperability with the RCS Chatbot Gateway to fully leverage the capabilities of your chatbot offerings.


RCS Chatbot Gateways can be created and run for up to 24-hours without charge. A gateway created without a subscription will be deleted after 24-hours.

If you wish to operate a gateway for production purposes, testing or development for a duration longer than 24-hours, then a subscription must be purchased at <https://melroselabs.com/services/rcs-messaging/rcs-chatbot-gateway/>.