Click-thru URL counters

A click-thru URL counter allows the counting of the number of times users click on a link in a text message or email. When a user clicks on the link, their click is counted and they are then taken to a destination website.

Create counter

A counter for tracking the number of times a click-thru occurs can be created using a form in a web browser or programmatically by making an API call. Counters are currently valid for 30-days from when created.

urlURL to where user will be redirected from the click-thru URL (https://...)
tagGenIf click-thru URL will use random tagTrue (default) or False

If True, tagURL will be similar to

If False, tagURL will use website in url parameter be
tagLenWhen requesting tag URL, length of the tag in characters (12 default; 5-12)12
publicViewIf counter value can be publicly viewedtrue or false
emailEmail address to register as owner of this click-thru URL counter (optional)[email protected]

Using browser

Go to, enter the required details and click Submit to create your click-thru URL counter.


Create a click-through URL counter for a website:

curl --request POST --data '{"url":""}' --header 'Content-type: application/json'

Output will be similar to:


The above shows the URL for the click-thru counter and the URL for viewing the counter This value of this counter is not public and so the URL for viewing the counter contains the management password for this counter.