Technical overview

The RCS Chatbot Gateway service enables you to create gateway instances that you can configure with MaaP and chatbot connections. Gateway instances perform the following functions:

  • authenticate using OAuth2 with the RCS Chatbot Platform
  • receive events from RCS Chatbot Platforms at a webhook dedicated to each chatbot
  • send MaaP operations to RCS Chatbot Platforms
  • receive events from chatbot APIs (e.g. OpenAI Assistant)
  • send API operations to chatbot APIs (e.g. OpenAI Assistant)
  • interoperate between RCS Chatbot Platforms and chatbots

Each gateway instance is a server operating the RCS Chatbot Gateway software that is configured with the MaaP connections and chatbot connections that you associate with it.


MaaP events are received from RCS Chatbot Platforms at a URL containing the gateway's hostname and the Bot ID (GW) identifying the chatbot to which the event relates. On receiving the event, the gateway will process the event and forward the event to the chatbot API (if appropriate).

MaaP operations are sent to RCS Chatbot Platforms at the URL of the platform and using the Bot ID (CP) for the MaaP connection. The Bot ID (CP) identifies the chatbot originating the operation.