SMS API Bridges : SMPP-to-HTTP

SMS API Bridges for SMPP-to-HTTP using

SMPP-to-HTTP bridges enable an application that has implemented SMPP to use the API of another provider via an adapter.

Adapters for use with SMPP-to-HTTP bridges include:

  • Adapter: Bird API
  • Adapter: Business Messaging API
  • Adapter: Esendex Conversations API
  • Adapter: Infobip SMS API
  • Adapter: Kaleyra GMP SMS API
  • Adapter: Mitto SMS API
  • Adapter: Soprano Design
  • Adapter: Telesign Engage API
  • Adapter: Twilio Messaging API
  • Adapter: Vonage SMS API

Additionally, there is a simulator adapter that can be used as a target: