Tags - Overview

Tags register when a user clicks on a link in a text message or email. When a user clicks on the link, their click is counted and they are then taken to a destination website. The clicks can be used to measure the engagement of users as individuals or as a group.


  • count the number of times a tag is clicked
  • redirection to a URL specific to the tag
  • tag per user or groups
  • associate tags with campaigns
  • retrieve click data
  • click notification to webhook

Use scenarios

  • Use a tag to simply count the number customers who click on the tag URL in a text message to go through to your website. Include the same tag in the message sent to a group of users. View a graph showing the number of interactions per minute or receive a notification via a webhook you've provided when users click on the tag.
  • Send a message as part of a campaign to a large number of customers and have a tag unique to each customer in the message they receive. Associate the tags with a campaign identifier and get reporting on the performance of that campaign.
  • Use tags to register votes from a group of people. Send a message with multiple tags, with each tag representing a choice. Associate the tags for the voice with a campaign identifier to collect the voting results.